We exist to build
remarkable enterprises.
And remarkable lives.

With Joel involved a deal is

more likely to happen, not less

Greg Nuttall, CEO

We share our clients’ perspectives, we understand their context and goals better, we see solutions that are effective and innovative.

Business & Corporate Services

We help clients structure their business for growth and financing, make strategic partnerships, enter new markets, sell (or license) their products and services, and acquire businesses (or be acquired).

They are start-ups and multinationals, domestic and international, and engaged in all types of businesses – software, manufacturing, alternative energy, financial and other services, to name a few.

Our background (see “Why Us?”) allows us to provide a unique combination of business sense and focus. This means we do our work not just to get the paperwork done or “cover the downside” but also build our client’s business, and minimize legal friction, time and cost.

Our clients rely on us to help see the business side of legal issues, close deal gaps and find solutions that are practical and effective.

Charity & Not-For-Profit

We help charities and not-for-profit (NFP) enterprises both in Canada and internationally. Our clients include churches as well as cultural, educational, health and business associations. Some are just starting; others have served their communities for decades.

We guide charities through registration and ongoing compliance with the rules of Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). We help charities and NFPs design and implement strategies to grow, protect and manage their operations and key transactions and transitions.

We do all our work with a heart of service. We consider ourselves servants of our clients, and our heart is with our clients who seek to help the communities they serve.

Change & Conflict Management

We help our clients navigate change and resolve conflict, in a wide range of industries and situations.

We have helped:

  • enterprises implement large and vigorously-resisted organizational changes
  • business partners end decades-long relationships on a negotiated, cooperative basis that avoided market disruption
  • shareholders separate smoothly after spending years fighting
  • clients in litigation (or heading for litigation) re-evaluate litigation and then identify and implement business-oriented alternatives

We often get involved after our clients have already tried and exhausted other advisors and approaches.

If clients have spent a lot of money, and a lot of time, but are no further along to finding a resolution, our broad legal and business background helps us find a way.

We regularly work with litigation lawyers – who retain us, or work with us, to help clients find negotiated business resolutions instead of litigating.

Meet Our Team

Joel Kissack

Joel’s educational background includes engineering and business at the University of Western Ontario (now Western University) and law at the University of Toronto. He practiced law at Davies, Ward & Beck (now Davies, Ward, Phillips & Vineberg), one of Canada’s top law firms, for 15 years in multiple types of business law, all at the senior partner level.

After law, he spent nine years as a businessperson, in three different technology businesses, leading operations, business development and corporate development.

Dan Gottlieb

Dan prides himself on building strong relationships and getting to know his clients and their organizations well. After graduating from the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law, he spent several years advising chief executives of public and private natural resource companies in Toronto and articled at the Ontario Securities Commission.

Why Us?

We offer a rare combination of three things that contribute to the success of your enterprise and your life:

This unique combination gives us three great things which we share with our clients:

Perspective. Expertise. Insight.

What Our Clients Say